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It is crucial to maintain a professional tone in alignment with the SPCT constitution, which stipulates a four-year management rotation. Currently, our esteemed CEO & Chair, Fraser Mackenzie, is approaching the end of his term in leading the community's Pavilion.


This opportunity is highly suitable for those in the local area seeking a challenging yet rewarding role.


The SPCT CEO & Chair shoulders significant responsibilities within our team including:

  1. Strategic Leadership: Setting the strategic direction and vision of the community organization, aligning it with the mission and goals established by the SPCT board of directors.

  2. Board Management: Leading SPCT board meetings, ensuring effective governance practices, facilitating discussions, and fostering collaboration among board members to make informed team decisions.

  3. Operational Oversight: Overseeing the day-to-day operations of the organization, including managing staff, resources, and budgets to achieve organizational objectives.

  4. Stakeholder Engagement: Building and maintaining relationships with key stakeholders, including employees, customers, investors, regulators, and the community.

  5. Risk Management: Identifying, assessing, and managing risks to the organization, ensuring compliance with applicable laws, regulations, and ethical standards.

  6. Communication: Serving as the primary spokesperson for the organization, representing its interests to external stakeholders, including the media, government agencies, and the public.

  7. Performance Monitoring: Monitoring organizational performance, evaluating progress against strategic goals, and making adjustments as needed to ensure success.

  8. Succession Planning: Developing and implementing succession plans for key leadership positions within the organization, including recruitment, training, and development initiatives.

  9. Conflict Resolution: Addressing conflicts and resolving disputes that may arise within the organization, promoting a culture of collaboration, respect, and accountability.


Overall, the role of a joint CEO and Chair requires strong leadership, decision-making, communication, and management skills to effectively navigate the complexities of both executive and governance responsibilities within the organization.

                                                     QUESTIONS TO OUR CEO & CHAIR FRASER MACKENZIE

Have you enjoyed your time as the SPCT CEO & Chair?

Absolutely! Leading as a founding member CEO and Chair of the SPCT has been an incredible journey since our inception in 2004. While it's had its challenges, seeing our building and estate thriving under community owenership brings immense rewards. Being entrusted with the care of such an iconic Highlands landmark is both a privilege and an honor, and I consider myself fortunate to have led the team for so long.

Why are you so passionate about the pavilion and the SPCT ?

That's a good question. Well, I believe there are many reasons, stemming from my early childhood when the pavilion lay derelict for most of my youth. The building was in such a state that I recall spending a lot of time inside it with friends, becoming quite attached to it as our gathering place. The building's condition was dire, with the walls practically crumbling from within. It's a time I definitely wouldn't want to revisit.

Another reason undoubtedly lies in my fascination with the deep history of the building. The Pavilion's history is not just that of a common music venue; it's steeped in different chapters, each contributing to its rich heritage. I'm passionate about protecting this heritage for future generations.

Above all, my personal motivation stems from my deep connection to the SPCT organization and its founding story. When the Pavilion faced imminent closure, it sparked a determination within a small group of us to rally the community and take action. Despite the numerous obstacles we faced during the transition, including skepticism from some quarters, we persevered with our vision. Today, with the invaluable support of 1200 members, the SPCT stands as a testament to the power of community action. It is immensely gratifying to see how our collective efforts have transformed the Pavilion into the largest community-supported project in the Highlands, ensuring its continued success for generations to come. This achievement fills me with immense pride and reinforces my belief in the strength of our village community.

Have you learned anything over the years and what would they be ?

It's been an incredibly enriching journey serving on the board, and the lessons learned are numerous. One key takeaway has been the importance of disregarding those who doubt what can be achieved. Their skepticism holds no weight against determined effort and perseverance. Additionally, I've come to appreciate the indispensable value of teamwork. Success is never a solitary pursuit; it's the result of collective dedication and collaboration among individuals united by a common goal.

The position sounds quite complex can anyone fulfill the role?

Certainly, the role may seem intricate at first glance, but it is indeed accessible to anyone with the passion and commitment to make a difference. Speaking from personal experience, I transition from my day job as a digger driver to assume this position, proving that with determination, anyone can excel in this role. While it demands dedication and significant time investment, the journey is immensely rewarding. Rest assured, the successful candidate will benefit from robust support from our friendly team, and I personally remain committed to aiding their smooth transition into this exciting new role.

What will you do now ?

Well, it's been some time since I spent some quality time with my family, so I will be looking forward to that. I will continue on the board until such time as everyone feels they are happy with the transition. I have always enjoyed working in my spare time around the grounds and grass cutting... it is always followed up with a hard-earned beer in the sun wich im very much looking forward to . 

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